Accounting Services

Metro DC Accounting Services

Thorough and accurate accounting is one of the most important assets of any growing business. Clear and organized financial data can be the difference between effective decision-making and uninformed operational guesswork. Unfortunately, too many Metro DC businesses lack the resources to secure the proper staff. That’s why Lescault and Walderman offers custom a la carte outsourced DC accounting services.

LWIMetroDCAccountingServicesWith years of experience serving law firms, nonprofits, restaurants, construction companies, and a wide variety of other industries, we are able to provide the unique and proven insight and assistance your business needs. Our bookkeeping, accounting and CFO consulting services are billed hourly at affordable prices that fit the budget of any Metro DC small business (without unnecessary retainers or bloated charges). These accounting services include:

Accounting System Design and Setup

From ground-up accounting system design to complete software and process installation, we can create and implement the right accounting system for any DC company. Our vast multi-industry experience allows us to think “outside the box” and develop custom solutions that work effectively from day one and grow with each company’s needs.


It’s been said that failure to plan is a plan for failure. That’s why operating budgets are such an important guiding force for every successful business. Because the most effective budgets borrow from legacy information, new companies and/or inexperienced accounting staff sometimes struggle to determine realistic base amounts. Lescault and Walderman’s years of experience working with companies in all industries allows us to “fill in the gaps” to implement a fully functioning budget that is both realistic and trustworthy.


Appropriate forecasting tools help companies to adhere to their annual operating budgets and ensure long-term profitability. The check points and moment-in-time information allows management to course correct and adjust on an ongoing basis. Over the years, Lescault and Walderman has developed a unique understanding and appreciation for the use of the most effective forecasting tools, and we use them daily to create a path to long-term success for our customers.

Cash Flow Analysis

Carefully managed and sustainable daily cash flow is the lifeline of any operating business. Shortfalls and surpluses must be monitored, and budgets must be regularly adjusted to ensure adequate cash flow for long-term growth and profitability. Lescault and Walderman has been helping companies to implement the proper procedures and tools necessary for the mainteinance of this vital corporate asset.

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