Specialized DC Bookkeeping Services

LWIMetroDCBookkeepingServicesSMMetro DC Bookkeeping ServicesLescault and Walderman offers specialized DC Bookkeeping Services designed to help local metro businesses build and maintain an accurate and effective financial management system. Using years of first-hand experience and cutting-edge tools, we are able to organize your fiscal data and use it to produce reports that allow you to objectively manage your operations and achieve your corporate goals.

While we’re proud to boast Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor status, we are also experienced with a number of other custom software and accounting/bookkeeping solutions. And, because our Metro DC bookkeeping services are billed at hourly rates, we can provide the right level of service at a price that any local business can afford.


The proper entry and tracking of each financial transaction is essential for the ongoing maintenance of a solid accounting system. Unfortunately, these tasks can present a significant strain on already-limited company resources. That’s why working with an established Metro DC bookkeeping firm such as Lescault and Walderman is the ideal choice for local small businesses. Outsourcing these time-consuming data entry duties allows business owners more time to focus on making the right operational decisions for their business.


Regular reconciliations of account statements, balance sheets, accounts receivables and accounts payable are necessary for the proper functioning of your company’s accounting system. Lescault and Walderman has extensive experience providing these essential services on a third-party basis to ensure the accuracy and integrity of your system and minimize the risk of fraud.


Lescault and Walderman’s experienced Metro DC bookkeeping services team works hard to manage accounts receivables so that all outstanding invoices and processed and collected on a timely basis. This fiscal accountability minimizes the losses of bad debt and provides more consistent cash flow to ensure the smooth operations of any business.


The timely payment of outstanding bills is imperative to your organization’s reputation and ability to secure the necessary credit needed for operations. It also helps to minimize and/or eliminate finance charges, penalties and late fees. Lescault and Walderman has the experience and tools needed to maintain and protect your financial standing.


Our specialized DC Bookkeeping Services include thorough balance sheet and P&L reviews that analyze and identify your company’s financial strenghts, trends in accouns payable/receivable, and the overall state of its financial health. These impartial, third-party reviews provide valuable fiscal and operational perspective.

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